December 22, 2016

| Case Studies, Generic

Multitex Engineers

  • Client:

  • Multitex Engineers Ltd.

  • Location:

  • New Delhi, India

  • Category:

  • Industrial Animation

Multitex is a Delhi based firm providing design, engineering & manufacturing services to the Filtration & Separation Industry.

Project Objective

Creation of an Industrial Animation showcasing the Structural Design and Functioning of Multitex Debris Filtration System.

Project Solution

a) A detailed animation script describing the various components of the filtration system and its functioning was provided by the client, which helped us to better understand the system.

b) High polygon models for the machine and its components were developed; ensuring accurate depiction of the system.

c) Since any filtration system’s functioning is intricately related to liquid content, we had to develop simulations depicting the flow of water with various types of dirt particles floating in it and various particle systems were also created to simulate dirt and debris particles which interacts with the filtration system, while water is being filtered of its impurities.

e) Annotations were also integrated with the animations so as to explain to the user the various stages and processes involved in the filtration system.