December 22, 2016

| Case Studies, Generic

Global Animationz

  • Client:

  • Global Animationz

  • Location:

  • North Dakota, USA

  • Category:

  • Medical Animation

Global Animationz is an organization conceived to bridge the gap between IT and Health-Care Industry and aims to enhance and the interdependence of domains through a blend of Technology Experts and practicing Health-Care professionals.

Project Objective

Development of 3D Animation showcasing the anatomy and the working of a human heart, its internal structure and functioning.

Project Solution

a) A detailed project script detailing the animation sequences, the screenplay and concept sketches for the models to be created was provided by the client.

b) Even though the project theme was largely medical in nature, however the script warranted the need to create character models too, which were used to depict various chemical compounds, hormones and their respective role in the functioning of the heart.

c) The 3D models and characters were modeled and animated as per the script and the screenplay was matched with the accompanying audio-dialog track that was provided by the client.