December 23, 2016

| Case Studies, Generic

Gencode Studio

  • Client:

  • Gencode Studio

  • Location:

  • Nyon, Switzerland

  • Category:

  • Gaming Assets

Gencode Studio provides specialized professional solutions for Games, Industrial and Medical fields, with the assistance of 3D methodology and frameworks that reduces both cost and development time.

Project Objective

Modeling, Texturing and Animations of Low-Polygon Gaming Assets to be used for a Unity-3D Game Engine based Role Playing Game (RPG).

Project Solution

a) Development of Game assets for Unity warranted clean mesh topology, low polygon count and high resolution textures along with integration with the game-engine using appropriate formats.

b) We developed low-polygon models for both Organic and Inorganic assets utilizing the model-sheets the client had provided us.

c) Models were UV unwrapped with optimal utilization of texture space and high resolution texture maps were developed for each 3D asset.

d) Character models were rigged and loop-able animations depicting various character actions were developed as per clients specifications.

e) Clean, non-manifold mesh topology was ensured by a thorough error checking process and models were subsequently exported to Unity in the formats specified by the Client.