December 22, 2016

| Case Studies, Generic

Anselmi International

  • Client:

  • Anselmi I.S. S.R.L

  • Location:

  • Badia Calavena (VR), Italy

  • Category:

  • Prototype Animation

Anselmi Innovation Systems is an Italian manufacturer of suspension systems for Italian and Foreign Trailers, for some of the most important national and international Truck brands.

Project Objective

Development of 3D animations showcasing the features of Anselmi Axle-Suspension systems utilized in Truck and Tractor Trailers.

Project Solution

a) The Project involved the development of two variants of 3D animations, showcasing the key differences between a Standard Axle-Suspension systems and Anselmi Axle-Suspension system for both Truck Trailers and Tractor Trailers.

b) We developed 3D models of the Axle-Suspension system, Trucks, Trailers, Tractor and corresponding landscapes.

c) We created a fully customized and animation friendly rigs for Wheels and Axle-Suspension system, so that it would interact with the landscapes in a believable manner.

d) Subsequently several animation variants for both Trucks and Tractors and their respective Axle-Suspension systems were developed, showing different maneuvering capabilities of the Axle-Suspension, while encountering the contours and negotiating hard curves on highways and narrow pathways.

e) Animations were then rendered and optimized so that they can be readily uploaded and viewed online.